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Lottery Games

Offer the most comprehensive and popular games selections, such as Mark 6, Chongqing Lotto, Beijing Racing, Fast 3, lotto 3D, Lucky 28, Beijing Happy 8 etc to satisfy players demanding needs.

Reaching out to all users

Enjoy seamless game experience across all platform; PC, tablets or mobile. Thus, regardless of users preference of devices, they are all your potential targets.

Unlimited level /Cash Credit Dual mode

Support unlimited level of downline recruitment with funds transfer facilities among Upline and downline. Offering online gaming enjoyment and offline recruitment among friends and families.

Multi Profitable Model

Proven profitable model with all reports easily available. Players recruiting followers are rewarded with commission. Cash rebates, red packet etc agency-based incentive is supported.

Comprehensive Management System for Maximum Results

A complete backend management system that offer comprehensive reports, records and numerous functions to support your operation. Swift creation of lottery games for non-stop enjoyment, as well as support player interaction among themselves for higher retention rate.